Early Bird Black Friday Christmas Sessions!

I have had many inquiries asking if I am going to have any Christmas Mini's. I actually have been shooting for Christmas for the last couple of weeks already! For Photographers it IS Christmas even though Thanksgving isn't here! Crazzzzzy time.

For those that want a shoot, but do not need tons of photos, just enough to mark the memory of the season for this year and to create a Christmas Card, the Mini ( actually a Mini, mini is for you ).

For those that want a few more for the album, or if you have more than 1 child, you probably are looking for the 1 hour session.

Both Sessions will include a composite. A composite is where your photo is layered into another photo or scene, putting you where you were not but as an extra item of interest. I LOVE these! Composites are alot of fun!

Spots are limited, so if you would like a shoot, please book now. I have regular shoots going on as well, so these are the last few spots and are limited. My last day for any shoots for the year is December 6th, (with the exception of any of my newborns that are due and born), This allows me for the remainder of my edits and then relax to enjoy the Holidays with my family.

I have a few new 2015 Holiday backdrops and Props I hope to see you! If you have any questions, please contact me :)

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