What Did I Do This Summer? Photographed ALOT of Newborn Babies!

I have been really bad at adding to my blog page! I love Blogs and would love to get this one going! I have decided to add a little Newborn Slideshow for you to view today!

Never would I have imagined that I would be photographing Newborn babies and children for a living. It has been quite a Journey and one that continues to grow.

I LOVE it.... It is such a BLESSING to be part of making a memory, capturing and freezing these moments in time for families. Babies grow so fast and in a blink of an eye they are all grown up and these images become priceless. I know, because I am a Mother of 3 and the most important and most precious items in my life are the memories to go back to... it beings you back to that time and place...

Yesssss.... It is alot of work... Many times backbreaking literally... LOL Maybe I am just getting old!

But I want the best shots just as much ( maybe even more ) than Mommy & Daddy do! There is no greater satisfaction as sitting down, uploading and going thru your images and being able to smile while editing them!

I will keep this post short, take a look at this Newborn Slideshow! If you are expecting or know someone, spread the word and mention me or share this!

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